Maxparete E-Motion is a semiautomatic and easy-assembling operable partition, designed for home automation applications.

Maxparete E-Motion elements (which slide by ball bearing trolleys in a track fixed to the ceiling) are designed to interface with existing building structures: you can manage devices installed both in one or more elements or in the surroundings and up to 6 independents lines.

When closed the partition is perfectly aligned, without fissures and mechanical parts in view.

When an element couples with the rest of the partition, it locks/unlocks automatically. The movable seals (that block the element against the floor and the track) operate by means of a series of motorized actuators housed within the lower and upper ends of element itself.

The opening and closing manoeuvres of the partitions are effectued by means of the expander element, always installed laterally. This one is the first one to be unlocked when you need to open the rooms and stack the elements and the last one to be locked when you need to close them. The partitions always have a vertical upright (that can be embedded) that houses the control unit (a key selector or a high definition touch-screen display). More, you can insert single/double pass door elements or "T" elements in any point of the partition without altering the normal functionality.

Maxparete E-Motion also provides a high acoustic comfort, easy handling and excellent fire reaction values.
  Maxparete E-Motion - Detailed Informations

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