is the evolution of DOMINO operable partition with blind panels.

In this version the covering panels are placed outside of the aluminium frame for added aesthetics.

When the partition is closed there are no visible aluminium profiles and the continuity of the covering panels surface is granted by the perfect alignment of the elements.

The vertical profiles, studied for for the edging of the elements, are coupled with male/female system and the finishing panels are completely enclosed within the aluminium frame. Each element has two sliding rubber blocks, linked to mobile seals with soft gaskets: through a pressure on them, the locking mechanism start to work and allows the locking in positions of the elements.

The last element of the partition has one more moving telescopic mechanism, with a side sliding. This mechanism is manually operated by a control placed on a side of the element itself.

More, you can insert a single pass door element in any point of the partition.

  Domino DUO - Detailed Informations

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