MAXPARETE HSP reaches its maximum fire resistant value complying with European standards with its PYRO Series.

MAXPARETE HSP PYRO represents an operable partition - pass door system tested according italian and international standards and resulting:

Blind Partition:

REI 60 - RE 90 c.d. Circ.91/1961
B15 c.d. Direttiva M.E.D. (Marine Equipment Directive)

Partition with Door:

E I1 45 c.d. UNI EN 1634-1
Possible inclusion of REI 60 fire doors (c.d. UNI VVFF 9723)
B15 c.d. Direttiva M.E.D. (Marine Equipment Directive)


R: Resistance of the structure
E: Seal to persistent flames, hot gases and fumes
I: Thermal insulation - split into class 1 (more severe) and class 2

MAXPARETE HSP PYRO, covered with panels with fire inert core (calcium sulphate), consists of sliding elements with standard width 850 - 900 - 950 - 1000 - 1050 - 1100 - 1150 & 1200 mm (1250 mm width only for panels with finishings in High Pressure Laminate); the telescopic element has always variable width.

Pass door elements have fireproof wooden door inserted, except for B15 systems where doors and jambs have panels with core in calcium sulphate.

Vertical profiles are covered with special fire resistant paint.

  Maxparete HSP PYRO - Detailed Informations

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