ELEVFLOOR allows the customer to choose a large choice of surface finishings such as: wooden surfaces, marbles, natural stones, linoleum, high pressure laminated. So it is easy to select the proper raised floor for a meeting room, an EDP room, an office area or an auditorium.

ELEVFLOOR is practical and strong. It combines the characteristics of high quality materials with the demands of a technical floor by adding to its functionality the elegance of design.

Where a building has been constructed by traditional means, the post fitting and installation of telephonic, facsimile or computer cabling, as well as other plant and services, can be a costly undertaking.

The ELEVFLOOR raised access floor offers an easy to install and cost effective solution, where underfloor access can easily be gained and the height of which above the existing floor can be specified according to the user's needs.

Inside the floor void the plants are placed directly on the subfloor or, in the restoration , on the existing floor. The plants can be installed at different heights to obtain different locations, thus allowing an easy inspection. By utilising movable partitions with cable pass systems or traditionals walls with skylight passages you can check the vertical plants too. At the end of the installation, in order to make an inspection, it's sufficient to remove the raised floor panels.

Experience has shown that the raised floor allows to reduce the costs of office building down by obtaining smaller building interventions, faster delivery times and lower maintenance.

  Elevfloor - Accessoires

  Elevfloor - Panels with core in calcium sulphate

  Elevfloor - Panels with core in wood conglomerate

  Elevfloor - Structures

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