MAXPARETE HSP MATIC operable partition represents the ideal solution in order to dynamically close rooms high up to more than 7 meters, assuring a perfect sound proofing.

MAXPARETE HSP MATIC consists of independent elements (ready for home automation) covered with high density chipboard panels 16/18 mm thick that can be finished with a wide variety of finishings. The elements slide by ball bearing trolleys in a track fixed only to the ceiling. This system eliminates floor guides or floor attachments which are antiaesthetic and encumber the way.

As the elements are manually set in their position by operators, a series of motorized mechanisms housed in the elements start to operate the rubber seals and lock the element. The last element of the wall has one more moving telescopic mechanism, with a side sliding. The mobile head closes the gap horizontally, locking both mechanically and acoustically and self-adapting if surrounding concrete walls are not perfectly vertical.

A starting jamb with a key selector with 3 positions (OPEN/OFF/CLOSE) is always necessary.

Pass doors of different measures may be fitted to any intermediate panel (except for the telescopic closure panel) of the MAXPARETE HSP MATIC manoeuvrable walls without altering the normal functionality.

  Maxparete HSP MATIC - Detailed Informations

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